[DailyTech] Tech is Helpless Against Rectal Bombs
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Autor:  mithnae [ 8 lip 2011, o 15:36 ]
Tytuł:  [DailyTech] Tech is Helpless Against Rectal Bombs
Jak się to czyta, to wprost trudno uwierzyć, że w stanach mówi się o takich rzeczach serio. Bo sam artykuł raczej do końca serio nie jest:
Trained dogs could detect explosives inserted into the rectum, if they got a good whiff of passengers anal regions.

These days the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration resorts to extreme lengths to ferret out possible terrorists. They frisk the genital region of children during "enhanced searches" (though they use the back of their hands to avoid impropriety)

i zdecydowanie najlepsze:
The TSA says the only hope against these kind of attacks is "overlapping layers of security", such as patrols by bomb sniffing dogs, intelligence that could detect plots in advance, or interactions with passengers. The latter could prove particularly affective, as a bomber with a large quantity of explosive in his/her rectum might appear uncomfortable. However, against implants or terrorists with experience inserting large objects into their rectum, these telltale signs could not be present.

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