Dlaczego warto używać Linuxa
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Autor:  QuantumBoy [ 23 lis 2006, o 19:42 ]
Tytuł:  Dlaczego warto używać Linuxa

The world famous Kinsey institutes for Sex Studies have proved that the average Linux user has a bigger penis than the average Windows PC user. The study, carried out over a 6 month period showed that just using Linux for six months caused an average growth of 1 cm in the overall girth of a man's penis. Scientist at first theorize that since the average Linux user spends more time in front of his computer than a windows user, that perhaps radiation from the monitor is responsible for the increase is size.

We here at SillyLUG have another explanation, namely that since Linux is a more reliable and secure operating system than Windows, Linux users spend more time surfing for Pr0n than windows users do, which in turns leads to more time spent jacking off. The repeated friction from so many bouts of self pleasure has lead to calluses on their dicks, which is responsible for the larger diameter of Linux users penises.

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